Sustainable actions we are committed to

Renewable Energy Events and all stakeholders will be engaged with, to encourage support across all areas of the show, to ensure we achieve an event with a lower carbon impact than ever before.

Sustainability at events is an all-encompassing approach and Low Carbon Agriculture will put in place a Sustainability Management System (SMS) to be as effective as possible, making sure we cover at a minimum all of the below areas.

Energy & Carbon

Review of all areas to reduce energy consumption and usage. And any energy used, wherever possible to use renewable energy sources


Ensure any materials used are sustainable, responsibly sourced or can be recycled. Ban the use of all single use plastic

Food & Drink

Request suppliers to use local produce and minimize waste


Adopt water conservation measures to reinforce that it is respected as a precious resource


Encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport or sharing car journeys to our event. Or the use of low carbon alternatives


Protect existing natural areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity